Personalizuotų vaizdų generavimo svetainė. Interaktyvus žaidimas Facebook vartotojams, kuriame vartotojas gali gauti citatą ir paskelbti savo Facebook naujienų sraute.
The site for personalized images generation. Interactive game for Facebook users, in which user can get a quote and post to his Facebook news feed.

- The project was implemented from scratch;
- Personal account design;
- Website design based on customer recommendations;
- Data processing logic;
- Personalized image generation engine;
- The concept of "Share" in social networks.

Main page

The site is designed as list of "Tests", where each of them has its own name, and image. For each test, you can click and go through it. The system will process your request and generates a personalized image.

"Test" page

This page shows some test that are offered to the user by clicking the "Get a Quote" button. After that, your request will be processed and generated a personal picture.

Result page

After processing - you the picture, which has a beautiful background, as well as some (or random) quote (text). Now, with this result, you can share on your social network account

Control panel

In the individual manager's control panel, where he can create, edit and delete user tests. In this screenshot we can see a list of tests

Image builder

There was created a special module to pick a nice font, text size, position, and color. Who chooses a random (or specific) text, and then generates a picture. The same as end user will get after test processing