Elektroninių cigarečių pardavimas. Verslo svetainė su internetine mokėjimų sistema, tinklaraštis ir galimybė pridėti prekę į pirkinių krepšelį. Valdymo skydas ir svetainės apžvalgos.
Electronic cigarette sale. Corporate website with online payment system, blog and the ability to add an item to the shopping cart. The control panel and site reviews.

- The project was implemented from scratch;
- Website design based on customer preferences and examples;
- Data processing logic;
- Website mobile version;
- Personal user account;
- Shopping cart;
- The system reviews;
- Structured data
- Online payment system.

Main page

As in mobile and PC version page shows the slideshow, popular product block and navigation panel.

Product page

Products are classified into categories and sub-categories. This page shows information about a product. For each product of its location, reviews, and the ability to add to your shopping cart.

Control panel

This page is a personal administrator's page. This constructor allows user to create, edit and delete sections and pages of the site.

Page editing

As an example of the edit page content. It is possible to edit any single text on every website page. For text formatting is used a special plugin "Rich Text Formatting". Thus, the website page editing can be compared to a simple Word document editing.