Coffee Life

CMS / CRM. Vidinė įmonės sistema, klientų užsakymų apdorojimui. Sistema skirta duomenims ir lengvam keitimuisi informacija tarp darbuotojų. Dėl konfidencialumo priežasčių - kai kurie ekrano kopijose esantys duomenys pateikiami nepilni, o dalis informacijos - yra paslėpta.
CMS / CRM. The internal company system for processing customer orders. The system is intended for data and for easy exchange of information among workers. For reasons of confidentiality - some data in the screenshots provided intermittently, and some of the information - is hidden.

- The project was implemented from scratch;
- Design your personal account;
- Data processing logic;
- Systems of automatic updates, contacts.


Login to the control panel has an additional protection - Google Captcha

Task list

Page for managers. Which displays a list of tasks - calls to customers.


All menus are arranged to the left in slide bar, because we should free the working are from rarely needed functions.

Customer page

This page shows all the information that is needed for work with the client. His contacts list (history) events. A certain number of functions: the ability to make a call in just one click, status change, a comment entry in the system, edit the contact information and so on.

Function: comment

A pop-up window to add a comment to this customer in the system. After adding the comments, it appears chronologically in the history list.

Function: chose date

In certain situations, you need to assign an event in the future. For this there are special keys, as well as this form for the date input. Since in most cases, the date specified as plus a few days from today - it was made the hot buttons.

Interactive map

Manager page. On this page, the manager points out which regions of potential customers needed to work. In this screenshot marked areas ar just an examples and do not correspond to reality. In this constructor, you can add the field, edit or delete. The area is then converted into the geo-coordinates through the Google Maps Geocoding API. Then potential customer address is checked if it is inside these areas or not.