Marketingo įmonė, teikianti kontekstinius skambučius. Verslo svetainių kūrimas skambučių centrams. Asmeninė sąskaita klientams ir darbuotojams.
Marketing company providing context calls. Corporate website development for call center. Personal account for customers and employees.

- The project was implemented from scratch;
- Web site and personal account design;
- Data processing logic;
- Systems of automatic updates, contact downloading.
- The concept of a personal account;
- User registration.

Home page

The site is a information portal, with a variety of instructions and a description of the company working process. Designed in Flat design style, so all the elements are flat.

Info page

As an example of the information page - "How to choose a call target".

Contacts page

A page with a feedback form and company contacts.