Plastikinių langų ir durų pardavimo įmonė. Svetainė sukuriama pagal kliento šabloną. Valdymo skydelis, atsiliepimų forma.
Plastic window and door sale company. Website created on a customer template. Control Panel, feedback form.

- The project was implemented from scratch;
- Personal account design;
- Website design is strictly according to the prototype, provided by the customer;
- Data processing logic;

Main page

Website presents navigation and the most important information for users. For example, the news sections of products, menus and navigation.

Product categories

Categories can be sorted by their groups. In this screenshot are products in the Windows section. For each product, you can click and see a pop-up window with the description of the product, as well an additional specification.

Popup window

Product description is shown in the pop-up window. In what may be a different number of tabs (depending on the settings the administrator), as well as a gallery of available colors.