Website - e-commerce store with an advanced search function.
Website - internet shop, ecommerce with built it search system, shopping cart to collect the order and send to administrator.

- Website structure according to customer design layouts.
- Website mobile version for tabs and mobile phones
- Search system production, using the product keywords and titles
- Shopping cart system

Home page

Home page contains TOP products and main navigation pannel. Slideshow with advertisment images and search form to type product keywords

Product page

Product page consist of product text description and interactive product option selection. In this case earch product has own options and each product has his own image. And button Add to cart

Shopping cart

Shopping cart contains chosen list of products, and quantity for each item. Which can be changed exactly in this page, without the page reload. Classic function to delete item from shopping cart. And button Confirm order - which asks user to input contact details and prepares complete order to the Administrator