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  • 7. Improve your website
    Fix something, change or update. You dont have to create something new if this is possible to be fixed.
  • 8. Add or remove something on your website
    There is always the option of updating something rather than create this from scratch.
  • 9. Replace your current developer if he is temporarily unavailable.
    Especially if the previous developer is disappeared - There is a chance that you can research your code and come up with a solution on how-to fix it

Technologies we use:

This section lists the programming languages that we use for development. And it is described in basic words how our knowledge can help you with your tasks. For example, consider creating a website, a landing page, or a CRM / CMS system.

    WEB programming language that lets you create beautiful websites, landing pages, web systems, display elements.

  • CSS3CSS3

    It controls the style and design of the site. Indicates the color, layout, and arrangement of the elements. It allows you to create a mobile-friendly website or landing page for any device.


    Performs processing on the server-side, makes the page dynamic and flexible. It has a fairly wide range of applications, from processing text data to processing / creating images, sending E-mails, and downloading information from the Internet.


    Database. It contains organized information in the form of traditional tables. Where you can add, update, and delete information. MYSQL, for example, can store all of the texts of a website and store user applications.


    LINUX – One of the most popular operating systems in the world, which is probably serves your website. In this system, you can install additional modules, such as picture processing, download information, and automate processes.


    The programming language capable of doing precise mathematical and analytical calculations. Effective for large-scale computing and data processing.


    Including JQUERY, which allows for the creation of dynamic elements on the site. For example, image slideshows, motion elements, animations, pop-ups, tips, feedback forms, and so on.

  • PHP Neural NetworksPHP Neural Networks

    Neural networks and Artificial Intelligent on PHP. This is an opportunity to add some artificial computer intelligence to your application. Neural networks are mathematical models that show the probability of an event.


    Data collection is the process when a computer goes through pages, collects and extracts some information. The output is suitable for the table. They are also known as data parsing, data mining and data scrapping.


    Automated mailing integration. Including a certain level of intelligence, as "if an email was opened," "if user has clicked on a URL." (tracking & analytics)


    The basics of computer vision. For example, reading text information from an image, cropping or object search. This and much more can be coded, and the computer can do a lot of things to help you grow.


    Facebook, Vkontakte - Application development. For example, the user logs into your site using the Facebook / Vkontakte account. This is achieved using Login with a social media account dialogue.


    Flat Design, Material Design (Google), Material icons - we use modern frameworks for website and CRM / CMS development.


    CRM / CMS - are systems that allow you to store customer information in a convenient form. For example, to get the whole story about the customer order history, query history etc. When all of the customer data stored in a such system, it is quite easy to filter & sort your customers and sell them related products by a certain level of personalization.

Online payment systems:

Installation of the automatic payment collection systems. This would help your users to collect a shopping cart and confirm the payment right in your website.

    The payment system PayPal allows you to accept payments from people all over the world who have a PayPal account. This system also accepts VISA and MasterCard.


    PaySera payment system - works with most of the Latvian banks. When we integrate PaySera into your site, you will be able to process payments to Swedbank, Nordea, VISA, MasterCard, Webmoney, SMS, and so on


    Stripe - card payments

API and online applications:

API is the way how computer programs or applications talk to each other. Here's a list of APIs that we use recently in our projects.

    Sending SMS - text messages. The ability to configure automatic SMS notification application to send text messages to your customers. For example: new promotions, discounts, or reminders.


    Google Maps. Create custom Google maps, online map modules (e.g., interactive choice of delivery addresses or marquee). Geocoding - determination of coordinates for the address entered by the user. For example, to calculate the distance from your office to the customer in kilometers.


    Translate. A system that allows you to translate the text automatically. Using machine translation you can translate your content automatically.


    SCHEMA.ORG - an international standard/rules for creating structured data. For example, you've probably seen some Google search results are marked with asterisks - the so-called user rating. So your pages will be more noticeable in a normal Google search among your competitors.


    Google Search - it is an opportunity to look into the search engine results automatically. For example, you have 10,000 keywords for which you need to pick up the pictures - it can be processed using an automated search.

Frameworks / libraries

Here you can find a list of frameworks that we use regularly in the project development. However, most of the frameworks are pretty similar. And it is quite easy to learn about another framework concepts.

    WordPress, WooCommerce, OpenX, ModX, TYPO3, OpenCart - site management and content pages.


    MaterializeCSS - the framework that helps to create a layout in a Material Design style, developed by Google. By the way, this website is also created using this framework.


    ImageMagick - a system that allows a computer to modify and stylize an image file. For example, you could write a text over an image, apply a shadow to it, or apply an Instagram filter.


    PDF file generator. A good solution for creating PDF invoices for your customers or allowing users to create a catalog of some selected products in a nice looking PDF.


    EXCEL document generator. Is used for creating invoices, estimations, and accounting reports for your customers or employees automatically.


    Setting up a virtual server from scratch. Or using a read-to-use virtual servers according to your needs.


    DigitalOcean - a virtual server / hosting provider. We will help you to configure and set-up a virtual machine based on your project specifications.


    Google Chrome Extension development

Automation / Zapier

A list of software solutions that we use on a regular basis.
  • Airbnb
  • Amazon
  • Bitcoin
  • Digital Ocean
  • Dropbox
  • Ebay
  • Etsy
  • Messenger
  • Github
  • Google
  • Google Drive
  • Instagram
  • Mailchimp
  • Opencart
  • Paypal
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Salesforce
  • Shopify
  • Slack
  • Stack Overflow
  • Stripe
  • Telegram
  • Trello
  • Twitter
  • Typo3
  • VK
  • Wix
  • Wordpress
  • Yandex
  • Yelp
  • Youtube


1. Demo version during the development process

We create a development / testing server during the development process. This version is stored on a different URL, which you can always access. This version is very useful for testing some functions before they become available to real users.

2. Pre-analysis

If you have a website or program that you want to improve - we suggest to begin with a research. The goal is to find a solution to change the code rather than creating a new software from scratch.

3. Installation support

After the project is finished on the development server, we will move all the files to your resource. This might be a hosting solution or a virtual server. This service is always included in our pricing.

4. Support after launch

It is possible that some functions were not tested properly. In this case, we will make the necessary updates with no additional costs.

5. User manuals and help

You will get your personal user manual after your project is ready. It contains basic how-tos, installation manual and illustrations.


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Website or program


Website, module, function


Collect data, updates, notifications

Professional Automation Services

Official Integromat Partner

We will help you to build your simple & complex automation scenarios using Integromat.com platform

Zapier Services

Automation scenarios using Zapier: custom apps, webhooks, code functions and data transformations

Custom Code

Custom automation solutions using the code: XML, JSON, HTTP requests. We just need a documentation to get started

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B2B booking management system for travelling industry


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Business process automation platform

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Excel formula editor

Online Excel Formula Editor

Wedding system
Wedding system

ERP system for wedding industry


Business system with automatic product publishing to ebay


Online driving test in Ireland


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GDPR banners and other visual improvements on website zunda


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Website - e-commerce store with an advanced search function.

RigaPlaza - Instagram
RigaPlaza - Instagram

RigaPlaza.lv - landing page for Instagram contest

Peoni.lv - Wix
Peoni.lv - Wix

Online calculator for a website on Wix.com platform


OpenCart framework changes according to the technical task list.


Business Consulting. Website improvements.

Coffee Life
Coffee Life

CMS / CRM. The internal corporative order processing portal. For the privacy reasons, some information is protected.


Automatic personalized image generation website. A game for Facebook users.


Business Website - Product catalog for the door retailer. Product display, control panel, products, and the site contents. Parallax theme.


Electronic cigarette seller. Corporate website with online payment system, blog, e-commerce shopping cart. The control panel and site reviews.


Plastic window and door distribution company. Website developed based on a custom template: Control Panel, feedback form.


Landing page for a vending company - coffee machines. Landing page and feedback forms. Automatic notifications.


Marketing company providing context calls. Corporate website development for a call center. Personal account for customers and employees.


Corporate website for a customs broker company. Employees have their own personal accounts on the system, which includes a document-generating system.

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